T Working Lamp



T Working Lamp was designed for the large workstation of the designer.

Three spinal structure are placed between the base to lampshade through out whole build. The  parts enable users to reach their own prefect lighting angle by pulling the lampshade with ease, even on a two-meter long desktop.  Long press the switch to activate preset mode, an ideal state for the working environment, which has been tested repeatedly. While considerate memory function records lighting parameters before shutting down, and reloads the previous setting as soon as it turns on again.


The control sphere was calculated precisely to provide a smooth and subtle balance with its own weight. The base features a sculpture-like delicate block, to be utilized as a pressure and spinning point, while offering multiple controlling mode for the switch: Easily adjusting the brightness and the temperature with a gentle press and twist, to achieve a simple switch between inspiring working mode and calming chill mode.

Special film collaborations, <Nanputou 7, Night> ,

between WUU and Director Xin Qiao has explored and portrayed the emotion, condition, and relation between man and light in an art form.

Our mood changes with light.

Short daylight urvges people to self-reflect; Long daylight encourages people to create.

Yet with the lamp, daylight does not matter.You switch on, and adjust with ease.All Your passionate happiness, your philosophical thinking, your daily worries, will be pardoned with the fittest light.


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